Parent Education The N.S.W. Board of Studies is an invaluable resource for parents and teachers of students in N.S.W.     This is a really great resource for families  has useful parent resources for NSW schooling + a series of audiofiles to listen to from the National Literacy and Numeracy week website.  These audio files are intended for  busy  parents  who  would  like  some  ideas  about  developing  their  children’s literacy and numeracy skills.  Other literacy tips are grouped: Kindergarten-Year 2; Years 3-4; Middle Years 5-8 as well as interesting articles from experts in the field. 3 useful brochures can be downloaded to develop literacy in the home.

Children’s  Storybooks  Online has  many wonderful  free  stories  for  kids  of  all  ages.  Stories  range  frompreschool,  young children and teens.  You can even record yourself reading to your kids. has  famous actors  reading your  favourite books eg Harry the dirty dog, The Rainbow Fish, Guili Guili and more. Grandparents will love this! has free online reading books for teens and young people.  The  Children’s  Book  Council  has  examples  of  digital  stories

based on selected short listed books from the Children’s Book Council. This year’s

theme for CBCA Children’s Book Week is One World, Many Stories. literacy/parents/index.htm provide parent materials including  brochures on – Helping your child in Year 7

with Literacy and Numeracy;  Helping your child with literacy and numeracy in the middle school: Years 6-8.


The most profound learning occurs when there is a healthy relationship between teacher and student.

The Eating Disorders Foundation of Victoria is the primary source of support, information, community education and advocacy for people with eating disorders and their families in Victoria.

We connect those whose lives are affected by eating disorders with the people, services and hope they need for recovery.

Family carer support and counselling in each state and territory

Cybersmart provides activities, resources and practical advice to help young kids, kids, teens and parents safely enjoy the online world.

Drug and Alcohol Research and Training Australia (D.A.R.T.A.) aims to provide high quality research assistance as well as training and expertise on a wide range of alcohol and other drug issues.

Maggie Hamilton, author, teacher, and publisher.      While we face many personal and global challenges, ours is not a dark time. We are simply experiencing life differently. With the constant change come many opportunities.

Partners 4 Learning A framework to support partnership in Catholic school communities.

The Resilience Doughnut is a model for building resilience in children and young people. This model is being used by practitioners all around Australia, and is quickly spreading to other countries, including Japan, South Africa and the UK.

ThinkUKnow is an Internet safety program delivering interactive training to parents, carers and teachers through primary and secondary schools across Australia using a network of accredited trainers.

Happy Child  This is an online parenting magazine about raising children with emotional intelligence

Andrew Fuller has been a principal consultant to the national drug prevention strategy REDI, the ABC on children’s television shows, is an Ambassador for Mind Matters and is a member of the National Coalition Against Bullying.

Parenting Ideas: Michael Grose is the current Body & Soul parenting columnist reaching 6 million Australians every Sunday.

Parenting Fact Sheets including Communicating with your Teen; Building Resposibility; Grief;   Homework; Stepfamilies; Renegotiating with Teens; Helping  child cope with Bullying & Teasing; Problem Solving and more

Family Matters is the research journal of the Australian Institute of Family Studies

Seasons for Growth is a program for children, young people or adults who have experienced significant change or loss.

Dannielle Miller is an educator, a businesswoman and a mother, who has long been concerned with that while teenage girls are excelling as never before and may appear to be coping with the demands life throws at them, behind closed doors many are silently imploding

Internet Safety Online Integrity Accountability and Filtering helps you protect your family online. Learn how the Internet is used in your home.

The Anti Porn Men Project is an online space for (mainly) men to write about and discuss anti-porn issues. The Project also provides and sign-posts anti-porn resources and news concerning pornography.

At Oxygen Factory we want to help you create your own tailor-made inspiration that will motivate you to live an oxygen rich life and see you not only succeed but love the life you’ve been given!

Willow Connection provides unique resources meeting the social, emotional, physical and educational needs of adults, youth and children.

Families as Partners in Learning

Family School Partnership Bureau

Depression and anxiety problems are common in teenagers. Parents can play a major role in protecting their child from these problems.This website provides general guidelines on how parents can do this.