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Parish Mass times in the Diocese of Lismore

Catholic News.  This is a good site for Catholic News you can subscribe to this site and receive a new update each day

The Vatican's newspaper, L'osservatore Romano, has launched its online edition. Readers can now go straight to the site for all the latest news and details from the Vatican.

Pray as you can the word is very close to you: It is in your heart

Loyola Press. This is a useful site for a daily three minute retreat, daily inspirational readings and other resources.

Australian Catholics website has a dedicated portal called Teacher Resources. Each quarterly edition of the magazine includes a companion publication titled Reflections and Notes, which offers a deeper look at one of its main features and provides teachers with resources, reflections and activities they might find useful.

The Family: Papal Documents: Documents on the family from the Vatican

XT3 World Youth Day: Connecting from one World Youth Day to the next, Xt3 is the fastest growing Catholic social network. Sharing the richness of our Catholic faith with a library full of videos, podcasts and articles. Building relationships across the world.

You are invited make a 'Sacred Space' in your day, and spend ten minutes, praying here and now, as you sit at your computer, with the help of on-screen guidance and scripture chosen specially every day.

Retrouvaille … a lifeline for Marriages A program to Help Couples Heal and Renew their Marriages.

The Aboriginal Catholic Ministry

Beginning Experience Lismore is a peer ministry for the widowed, divorced and separated individuals to facilitate the resolution of the grief surrounding the end of a marriage/relationship and to promote healing.

The Catholic

The Catholic Leader

Weekly –The latest Catholic News from Australia and the world

Education and Resources for Catholic Life

The Holy See – Vatican

Catholic Parents Online

The Yarra Theological Union

Catholic Network

Global Catholic Television Network

The International Catholic Weekly

This website carries a wealth of fresh, topical news articles on the impact of St Mary's canonisation, both on a communal and personal level.

Madonna is a magazine of spiritual reading for lay people. It aims to enhance the spiritual development of its readers. A primary focus of each issue of Madonna is the church's liturgy, especially the scripture readings for each day.