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2019 Parent Assembly Conference: The Connected Parent

Over 200 parents from across the Lismore diocese came together for a highly successful parent conference on the weekend of the 1st and 2nd June.  The Conference theme, The Connected Parent was chosen to reference the deep and authentic connection that is needed between parents and their children, parents and schools and parents and the faith in order for schools, families and communities to operate at their best for the good of all young people. When we are deeply connected as families and schools, we can work together to enhance the capacity of children and young people to achieve the ‘fullness of life’.  The weekend provided inspirational learning, opportunities for faith formation and warm and engaging ways of connecting with one another.

Keynote speaker, Jodie Benveniste shared strategies to improve connected parenting including helpful strategies based upon emotional and behavioural coaching.  Harriet Connor shared a vision for God’s big picture for families using the Scriptural foundations of the Christian faith.  Andrew Fuller encouraged parents to identify and support their child’s particular learning strengths to optimise their educational experience.  Workshop presentations allowed small groups of parents to explore how to connect with adolescents, deal with tricky kids and understand the connected digital world of young people.

In addition to the sessions presented by these highly skilled and professional speakers, conference participants met for a session that was dedicated to connecting as school and regional groups to consider how they will further the work of family school partnerships in their area.

A Parent Panel was introduced this year as the final session of the conference.  One parents’ sharing about her journey as a mother of a child with Autism Spectrum Disorder was particularly moving and celebrated the partnership between home and school that helped her son have a positive experience at school.  The value of hearing the authentic voice of parents was warmly commented upon by many who attended.  Parents left inspired to put into practice much of what they had learned and also with a desire to share the amazing learnings gained with other parents in their own school communities.



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